Me and Chairman Mao
  Like to play a game?
Quick! Since I have been discussing tour groups so often recently, how many different tour groups are in the picture below?

No, I'm sorry: the correct answer is five. Five, ladies and gentlemen, five. And to those of you who got it right--no, "I was going to say five!" doesn't count, sorry--your knowledge of Chinese tour groups is impressive ... most impressive.

Anyway, let's count. There are three groups across the back: yellow flag group number one on the left; blue flag group in the center; and yellow flag group number two on the right. For the other two, you have to go to the hats. "Ah, the hats!" Yes, the hats--where the are tour flags, you are sure to find tour hats. In the foreground you can see the last two tour groups: the blue and yellow, Cub Scout-like hats group in the center of the picture; and--this is the trickiest one--the last few members of a white hat group in the bottom right, walking in front of the stylish blue/yellow group on their way to see the first of about ten different throne rooms in the Forbidden City. (I know, why hurry?)

As for the dapper gentleman all in black--including beret--I have no clue what is deal is, but he is definitely not tour group affiliated. Who knows? Maybe he's French or something. They do all wear berets, right?
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