Me and Chairman Mao
  Hmmm 4.
I admit that, not needing a lame excuse to sit around doing nothing, I don't really know anything about--or even like--fishing. However, I would imagine that if you actually enjoy fishing and decide to go, the best place to cast your line is probably not into the big eddy where all the trash collects, like these kids are doing. Just a thought.

Since this was taken in the Beijing back lakes area (better known as Houhai, for those of you with a map of the 'Jing handy, AKA none of you), a place surrounded almost exclusively by boutiques, bars, and restaurants, a second thought is: "Don’t order the fish when you go out to eat in Houhai." You never know, right?

See Hmmm 1, Hmmm 2, and Hmmm 3 for more.
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