Me and Chairman Mao
  Hmmm 2.
I took this picture in the Russian quarter of Beijing (as far as "quarters" exist here), which I like to call either Little Moscow or Moscow on the Hudson, despite the fact there is nothing around there called the Hudson and all I know about the movie of that same name is that it's old and has Robin Williams in it. Like Mork & Mindy in that way, I guess, although probably not as funny.

Anyway, if you can read all the writing in this photo then you are quite the polyglot. And no, that doesn't mean you have multiple wives, that's polygamy, which would be a different--and possibly more interesting--picture entirely. Although if you can translate everything, you could have a wife in Russia, China, and the US/UK, if that sort of thing interests you. You'd get a lot of frequent flier miles, at any rate. Good luck remembering all the anniversaries and birthdays, though ...

See Hmmm 1 for more.
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