Me and Chairman Mao
  Hmmm 1.
As you might imagine, in the six months or so I've been here, I have quite a few pictures of things that, in the immortal words of the early nineties hip-hop poets slash prophets C+C Music Factory, make you go hmmm ... (If you have no idea who C+C Music Factory is, be glad.)

Like this shot, for example, taken in Harbin in January when the outside temperature was a balmy five below. (Fahrenheit, natch.)(That's about 20 Celsius for those of you from pretty much everywhere but the US, places that use strange measurements like "centimeters," which--let's face it--sounds more like some kind of crawly bug than a unit of length. But maybe that's just me.)

At any rate, now that I'm done alienating the rest of the world--I learned from George W., obviously--how many things, I ask you, are wrong with this picture?

Quite a few, obviously. Bonus points if you noticed that the trees are of the plastic variety, and--most likely--made in China. I guess they have that in common with pretty much everything inside pretty much every Wal-Mart. And yet people still shop there. Weird.

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