Me and Chairman Mao
  Sign language 1.
Taken outside the Beijing Ancient Observatory, which is not ancient and is hardly an observatory. (It's not ancient because, like everything else here, it has been destroyed and rebuilt at least one time. Plus, the instruments inside are copies of the originals, which were moved to Nanjing in the late early thirties and, for some reason, were never returned. It's hardly an observatory because it's just a building they happened to do some astronomy-related stuff in--it doesn't have anything special that makes it particularly suited to be an observatory. Sort of like sticking a feather in your cap and then saying it's macaroni. Or something like that, anyway. (Give me a break, it's early here.)

At any rate, be sure read the entire sign.

Yeah. I'm guessing they mean handicapped? Although why only handicapped men should get the discount, I have no idea. Maybe because women aren't good at math, ergo they aren't good at astronomy, ergo they won't care about visiting an ancient observatory? Possibly. At any rate, since all the "ancient" instruments on display are located on the rooftop, which is up a steep flight of stairs with no ramps or elevators, I guess it's good that there's no charge for those who might not actually be able to see anything. It makes about as much sense as anything else here, anyway ...
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