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Did you know that yesterday was "International Woman's Day"? Well, it was, although I'm guessing it wasn't really celebrated or publicized in the US, male chauvinist pigs that we all are. (USA! USA!) It was here in China though. Well, it was celebrated at least. I'm not really sure whether or not it was publicized, what with the not reading Chinese and my only news source being CNN International and its weak-dollar focus. Although to be fair they have moved on to a wide variety of other things that America is doing wrong, like shooting random European citizens.(Like WWII, but this time bad!)

Anyway, back to Woman's Day. What exactly did Woman's Day in China mean for Holly? First, it meant she got half the day off, which she was, quite naturally, very grateful for. (The half-day off giving her more time to shop for fake clothes, purses, and whatever else with my sister.) Second, it meant she got a free gift, which she ended up being less pleased about. What was it, you ask, this free woman's day gift? Why Amway cleaning supplies, what else? Just the thing every woman wants, needs, and--let's face it--deserves on Woman's Day.

The best part? (Or parts, as the case may be.) The present was not only selected by the Microsoft human resources department, but--apparently--some of the recipients were apparently quite pleased with the gift. Happy even. Seriously.

Ah, China …
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