Me and Chairman Mao
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Chinese fashion is always good for a few laughs: the ridiculous little nylon "bootie" socks favored by both men and women, regardless of whether they are wearing pants, skirts, or even shorts; the tendency to wear flesh-colored--Caucasian flesh, at that--nylons under dresses and skirts (with "booties" over them, naturally); and, of course, the random English words, generally nonsensical, printed over all sorts of clothing items. Like, say, these pants. Nice, don't you think? It's just a guess, but with a body like that I’m guessing she might be lying ..

Then again, for all I know she might be a dancer. Who knows? What I do know, however, is that the next time she wears these pants she might want to go for a different style of underwear. Just a thought ...

See Picture This 1 for more.
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