Me and Chairman Mao
Yesterday afternoon we left Seasons Park, Home of Tycoons--for good--and I can't say I'm happy about it. Sure, we immediately checked into the Grand Hyatt, a five-star facility within spitting distance of the Forbidden City that is one of the nicest hotels in Beijing, so that's something. But still, I find the sudden lack of tycoon-ness disturbing. I mean, at lunch I was eating the best jiaozi in the world, secure in my tycoon status; at dinner six hours later I was just another foreign schmuk dropping shit all over the place as he's eating. (Some things are just hard with chopsticks.) I have to say, it's not a pleasant feeling. And let's face it, as service-oriented as the Grand Hyatt staff is--insanely service-oriented, for the record--none of them are going to salute me when I leave the hotel this morning, and I can't help but think my life is going to be a little worse for it ...

At any rate, farewell, Home of Tycoons!

Side note: As I was packing up all our stuff (side side note, the amount of crap you can accumulate in seven months, even while living in a place that came completely furnished, is astounding), I came upon this little note that came in our moving in package, and thought it was pretty funny. The "dolled up" gets me every time ...

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