Me and Chairman Mao
  Size matters.
I'm talking, of course, about the Forbidden City, the 115-acre palace that sits in the center of Beijing, the beating heart of Red China. (What did you think I would be talking about?) (Oh, that.) (Pervy, aren't you?)

At any rate, here's a semi-panoramic shot of the Forbidden City. It's really big, obviously; you can get a sense of scale from the little black specs--AKA people--in front of the gate. (The back gate, for the record.) As you can see, the old palace basically fills the entire picture, although the last set of buildings on the far right--they're multistory, unlike most of the other buildings in the shot--are outside the Forbidden City's walls. Sadly, the infamous--that means "more than famous," right?--Forbidden City Starbucks can't be seen from this shot. (Yes, that is a Three Amigos reference in case you were wondering, although I can't imagine who would be.) (Also, yes, it is a bit sad that I can apparently make Three Amigos references.)

Um, I was going to say something else clever and funny--you know, the usual (maybe)--but nothing is coming to mind. Not even anything from the Three Amigos. Quel dommage, the horror times two (that's "The horror, the horror," for the record), and all that ...
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