Me and Chairman Mao
  Picture This 3.
Just to prove to you that I'm not the callous, cold-hearted bastard who will make fun of anything that I appear to be, I offer the following picture. (The thing on her head is supposed to simulate a traditional Chinese hairstyle--like Mickey Mouse ears, except for an empress.)

And for those of you who are worried I'm going soft, rest assured that the only reason I put up this picture is because the shot of the little kid with the omnipresent split pants using said pants to piss in the corner of one of the Forbidden City's many courtyards--yes, the famous, World Heritage Site Forbidden City, which has more than an adequate number of bathrooms--ended up being really blurry because I didn't have time to focus properly. Oh well--maybe next time, because, when it comes to split-pants, there is always a next time.

See Picture This 1 and 2 for more.
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