Me and Chairman Mao
  Nice glasses.
Yes, sunglasses are for suckers. Or at least they are in China, where the real movers and shakers go for the FFV: Full Face Visor.

I mean, it just makes sense. Why bother with two tiny lenses when you can have a full-on facial shield? Of course, the woman above is only using it like a (somewhat) standard visor, albeit one constructed primarily around a tinted piece of black plastic. But when the FFV really come into its own is when it's flipped into the "down" position, offering complete protection from the sun, the wind, and all the crap that said wind picks up off the Beijing streets. Sure, you look some sort of strange, sci-fi stormtrooper--note the small S, big S Stormtroopers are something completely different--but that's a small price to pay for the defensive abilities of the FFV, as this next woman knows:

Believe it or not--and have I lied to you before?--these things are all over. Most of the people who wear them are riding bikes, but as you can see from the above picture, they can be busted out at any time. Unfortunately, this is the only decent picture I have of the FFV in action. Whenever I see someone using them on a bike I can never get my camera ready fast enough, since they are speeding toward me at the same time I am trying to get the shot; whenever I go stand on a corner with the camera in hand, ready for action, no one with a FFV ever rides by. I know, I know, my life is so hard ...
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