Me and Chairman Mao
  There's gonna be fireworks!
Or, more appropriately I suppose, there already have been--AKA there were--fireworks. Last night, to be more specific; on the Bund, to be even more specific; between the hours of ... never mind. Anyway, it was pretty random that I happened to see them at all, since: a) I am not usually wandering around the Bund at night (we have friends in town so we were showing them the sights); and b) there are not usually fireworks on the Bund (the dazzling array of massive, futuristic buildings that double as TV screens usually providing more than enough "wow" factor). At the beginning of the video--before it gets too smokey--you can see the huge video screen on the side of the Aurora Building, currently featuring Nike World Cup commercials with the Brazilian national team. I'm not sure how big the TV screen actually is, but the building itself is about 600 feet tall, so that can give you some perspective on the scale of things. Anyway, here's the video:

And yes, at some point, I will start posting pictures again--including the famous Macau pictures, which are only famous because I have mentioned them like fifty times but never actually produced any--but not today. But maybe tomorrow. But, you know, probably not ...
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