Me and Chairman Mao
Recently, I've seen a couple of things that reminded me of some of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. No, not transforming cars--I'm in Shanghai, not Tokyo--but that would have been cool. I mean, as long as they were Autobots instead of Decepticons and weren't trying to kill me. Although now that I think about it, the bad guys weren't really cars in the Transformers cartoons: fighter planes, gigantic pistols, robotic dinosaurs, and cassette players, yes; Volkswagon Beetles, Ferraris, and 18-wheelers, no. And since I don't see a lot of robotic dinosaurs on the streets here, I guess I'm pretty safe.

But whatever. As I said, transforming cars were not what I saw that reminded me of old cartoons. What I did see was the following sign outside a bar near our apartment. Two words: Thundercats, ho!

I don't know how the fine folks at Touch got their hands on the Eye of Thundera, or why they are using it to advertise a bar instead of taking advantage of its fabulous powers to conquer the entire world, but different strokes, different folks, and all that.

A few days later, I saw something else that reminded me of old cartoons while I was watching TV. We have satellite TV from the Philippines (pirated, of course, like pretty much everything else here), and while it's nice because they have lots of US shows--Seinfeld, Friends, the Jay Leno Show, and so on--they also have a lot of random Philippine shows on. While we don't normally watch those, this program description caught my eye as I was looking for something to watch, for obvious reasons:

I'm not sure what I could possibly say that would be funnier than that description, although I will tell you that my favorite part of it is the explanation about how "Gayskull is gay," as if you couldn't tell from the name. Part of me wanted to watch it just to see if "Pando" would actually say "By the power of Gayskull!" (insert your own joke about, um, sword-waving here) but we decided to go out to breakfast instead. I can't say that I'm too upset. However, if any of you out there have seen She-Man: Mistress of the Universe, be sure to let me know how it was …

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