Me and Chairman Mao
  "Mobile" phones.
Remember the human TV screens I talked about a while ago? While they mostly disappeared during the winter--I guess walking around with an LCD on your back is just not as practical when it's raining--they are now back, with the prerequisite vengeance. Yes, as if wandering around in a space-age suit ("space-age" circa 1950, obviously) with a TV strapped to you wasn't crazy enough, the other day they were wandering around with mobile phones in place of the TVs. And if you think that's an improvement, you're wrong, since the phones are "mobile" in name only:

As crappy as that job is, however, I still think they have it better than this guy. Or maybe it's a girl--who can tell? Either way, at least the mobile phone guys aren't wearing lampshades on their respective heads. Or rather, aren't wearing lampshades on their respective heads when sober, which makes it so much worse …

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