Me and Chairman Mao
  Hmmm, drumstick ...
That was supposed to be a Homer-style "Hmmm," in case you didn't get that. And really, I'm not sure how you would, since the lack of an blog audio track (blogio?) makes sounding like Homer not only pointless, but impossible. Oh well--I think we all know there's only one thing to say about all this failed Homer-reference of mine: D'oh! (You did see that coming, right?)

Anyway, the other day I was at the Grand Gateway--that's the mall that always seems to have random stuff set up in the center, like the famous
Bailey's tent or the not as famous (or cool) Johnny Walker race car--when I stumbled upon a drumstick. Not a chicken drumstick (although, sadly, I'm not sure I would actually be surprised anymore by seeing a chicken leg--cooked or uncooked--just sitting on the floor of a fancy mall here), and not a drum drumstick (I'm not actually sure if that would have been more or less likely than a chicken drumstick), but an ice-cream drumstick. Or, to be more specific, a Nestle (R) Drumstick (R). Or, to be even more specific, a gigantic Nestle (R) Drumstick (R). Sadly, it did not contain any actual ice-cream, but, like a spoiled dog who has been neutered, it did have some nice fake nuts:

(Side note: I can't actually believe I just wrote that either.)

I guess the display was for the launch of the Nestle (R) Drumstick (R) in China, but who knows? What I do know, however, that Nestle (R) Drumstick (R) girls were present because, really, what self-respecting product launch would be complete without five or ten underemployed girls standing around in funny uniforms handing out brochures?I have no idea how they felt about the aforementioned fake nuts although, lets face it, they were probably a little creeped out:

Since they weren't actually giving away Nestle (R) Drumstick (R) samples--free Bailey's shots but no free ice-cream? Seriously?--I walked around the side of the Nestle (R) Drumstick (R) structure and noticed a bunch of banners and cut-outs. Now maybe it's just me, but that girl on the poster in the middle seems to really like her Nestle (R) Drumstick (R), if you know what I mean. And really, if you currently have any higher brain functions whatsoever, I'm not sure how you couldn't:

Of course, she's not enjoying her Nestle (R) Drumstick (R) nearly as much as this blissful lass. Ye gods. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how this relates to Nestle (R) Drumsticks (R) and nuts, fake or otherwise, but I certainly have some ideas. I mean, seriously, how can you not?

And you thought American commercials lacked subtlety ...
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