Me and Chairman Mao
  Bright lights, big city.
We went to the Bund tonight for a drink and dessert (nice to be able to do that at Jean-Georges, I have to say--you can't do that shit in Seattle) and the entire riverfront was all lit up. I think it's for the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) summit, although I'm not even sure what that actually is: I've heard it described as a "meeting of crap countries," a meeting of the "axis of evil," and a meeting of bunch of central Asian countries, hosted by China, with the basic goal of keeping the US out of that part of the world. For the record, I'm fairly sure the last one is the right explanation. (Why would anyone want to keep the US out? We bring peace and democracy everywhere, don't we? The nerve.)

Anyway, whatever. The important thing is that they spiffied up the Bund for the meeting, and the results are pretty spectacular. Here's a video I took literally two hours ago. Yes, truly the Internet is amazing:

And, because the video isn't that great--my little camera doesn't take the best movies, sadly--here's some pictures of the same thing:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bit more to do before England and T & T come on at midnight ...
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