Me and Chairman Mao
  Guard duty.
After leaving a local jazz bar around 11 PM on Saturday night, we decided to drop into a nearby place we recently discovered for some late-night foot massage. It was, as always, nice, although it was hard to stay awake for the last half-hour or so of the hour long massage, since I was kicked back in a recliner and covered with a blanket while having my feet rubbed: not the ideal "stay awake" scenario, I'm sure you'll agree. And now that I think about it, I'm sure the beer I was drinking didn't help either. But yet, somehow, I managed to suck it up and stay awake the entire time.

That is, unfortunately, more than I can say about the two guys "guarding" the entrance to the building with the massage place, as we discovered while leaving the building just after midnight:

Good work, if you can get it I guess ...
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