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As I was wandering around the other day, I came up on this scene and just had to take a picture. Looking at it now, it would have been a little better if I had been able to get the top part of the windows in the frame, but whatever--I still like it. And as much as I like the picture, I like the location of said picture even more. Why? Because I took this photo on a street down near the Bund, a block east of the Westin Shanghai, a really nice, five-star hotel (the building with the "pineapple" top in the last picture if you follow the Bund link), and a few blocks west of a building that has four or five of the nicest, most expensive restaurants in Shanghai. So I guess my point is that, despite the fact that this street is very close to some very pricey real-estate, that doesn't mean you still can't hang your laundry on it. Obviously:

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