Me and Chairman Mao
  It's a major award!
Yes, it's more Eighties movie quotes, although this time, of course, from A Christmas Story. Sadly, however, my major award is not the infamous leg lamp, although I have, from time to time, pondered purchasing one of my own on the Internet, where you can actually find them--and pretty much everything else--for sale. So far, Holly has resisted, although not as strongly as she resists my continuing desire to purchase a life-size cardboard cutout of Princess Leia in her Return of the Jedi slave-kini. I'm sure you are not surprised.

However, it turns out that I did actually win an award. A while back, I sent a photo to Signspotting, a website that collects pictures of funny signs and publishes them in various newspapers across the country. I'd actually forgot I entered, until I got a check for $50 in the mail, which--as it turns out--is how you know if you've won. Well, I guess I could have seen the picture in the paper, but it turns out that the Shanghai Daily doesn't carry that sort of thing. Shocking, I know.

Anyway, can you guess what picture won? Long-time readers (yes, I have recently received confirmation that there are at least two of you, and possibly up to five) will have seen this photo before. Twice. Yes, once again--and I swear, for the last time--it's the (now) award-winning Fook Hing Coffin Shop photo! Remember, those Fook Hing coffins are the best:

(Side note: I'm still having a lot of problems uploading pictures from our apartment--I guess the Great Firewall is acting up--hence the more sporadic than normal updates. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon, although if it doesn't, there's not really anything I can do about it. Quel dommage.)

So then, until next time, have a good Fook Hing day! That is, have a good day in the style of Fook Hing, of course ...
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