Me and Chairman Mao
  The bird flu ...
... right over the fence and into a pack of hungry of tigers!

Click me for chicken-eating tigers!
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Da-dum-dum! Yes, it's true, once I come back from China I'll probably be a comedian. Really, you just can't teach humor like that--you either have it or you don't, and I obviously do. (To those of you thinking how fitting it is that this paragraph started with "dum-dum," you're probably right.) (And to those of you thinking that the correct term for a "pack of tigers" is actually an "ambush of tigers," you're also right but have too much time on your hands and should probably get a hobby beyond memorizing obscure collective nouns for groups of animals. A murder of crows! A siege of herons!) (Um, so what does that say about me ... ?)

Anyway, I recently got a program that will let me take decent screenshots from videos on my computer, which means two things for you: one, I can now start posting screenshots with some of the best "English" subtitles--yes, that needs quotation marks--from the DVDs we buy on the street (like Tom Cruise threatening to kill his son if he won't play catch in War of the Worlds); and two, I can finally fill in the gaps from my now (in)famous visit to the Harbin Tiger park. Why? Because while I was too busy being amazed at the speed of a tiger going after food to take pictures, one of our friends who was with us was not too busy to document the entire thing on video. (Yes, I do have a video of the entire extravaganza; no, I'm not going to post it--sorry.)

So for those of you who are interested in taking another Visit to Tiger Town, there's now some new pictures for your viewing pleasure. Or displeasure, depending on how you feel about animal cruelty. But remember, it could have been a cow, so in comparison it's not so bad. Or something like that, anyway--I need more coffee to think clearly. For those of you who actually prefer new content--the gall, I might add, since I have tons to do before we leave for the holidays (you think fake Izods buy themselves?)--I'll have a nice Christmas post soon. I'm sure you're all excited ...
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