Me and Chairman Mao
This subway car is brought to you by Smirnoff:

Believe it or not, the entire subway train looked like that. I tried to take a picture of it, but it started moving as I was taking the picture so it ended up being too blurry. And not blurry in a trendy, artistic way; no, it was more blurry in a "What the hell is that blob supposed to be?" sort of way, which is not nearly as cool.

(Side note: I once saw an iPod train, which was about seventeen different shades of neon, but--alack, alack, alack--I was without camera.)

So apparently the "Smirnoff Experience" has arrived in China. (I think it's the bottled drink, not the actual vodka, which I am pretty sure I have seen around here before.) I like that the launch party will apparently be very exclusive, what with advertising it on the side of a subway that is probably used by hundreds of thousands of people--if not more--on any given day. At least the location is secret, since it's just "in China." Although I think maybe it's only secret to people who can't read Chinese, since I do know enough Chinese to tell that the 12/9 date with the Chinese characters around it mentions Shanghai, but not China. Hmmm ...

Will we go? Probably not, for many reasons, not the least of which is I much prefer the Bailey's tent, since that allows me to combine my free drinking with grocery shopping, which is much handier, overall. Speaking of which, the other day the Bailey's tent was back, except this time instead of an actual tent it was more of a temporary building, with hard plastic sides, a roof, and everything. There were even Bailey's dancers, who did a little choreographed number while holding bottles of Bailey's. Sadly, once again, I didn't have my camera, since sometimes I foolishly think "I'm only going to buy milk and cereal--why bother with the camera?" Oops.

Anyway, Smirnoff is now here in China. What does it all mean? Simply that girls in bars who want a drink that tastes like Kool-Aid will now have a choice other than Bacardi Breezers, which have been here for quite some time. Isn't Capitalism great?
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