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Some of you will notice that, as yet another step in my plan for world domination--I think it's Step 3, but I seem to have mislaid my master plan--I have added a handy way for you to get blog updates in your email. I know, how convenient! (Just a little TOO convenient, don't you think?) (Wait--I probably shouldn't have said that. Back to Step 2, I guess. Stupid plan.)

Whatever. If you're interested and don't want to use the RSS feed or have no idea what I'm currently talking about, it's easy to sign up for email updates:

  1. Enter your email address in that little form field somewhere over to the right of this sentence.
  2. Click Subscribe me! (I like that the button assumes you are very excited about subscribing.)
  3. After getting redirected to a useless page you can close, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered. Just click on the link in that email, and you're set!

Once you're subscribed to receive updates from my blog, you'll be taken to a FeedBlitz page about your password and some other stuff. Feel free to ignore all that and even ignore the fact that you actually have a FeedBlitz account--you'll still get my blog updates in your email, so it doesn't matter. (I've tested this out for the last week or so.) If you want--before ignoring your new account for the rest of your long and hopefully happy life--you can select the My profile link and choose whether or not you want your emails as HTML with pictures and everything (this is the default) or as plain old text with links; and whether or not you want your email address to be private so I just see "Anonymous" for the subscriber instead of your actual email address, which--for the record--I can't do anything with but look at. Oh, and every update email also includes an easy way to unsubscribe--you just have to click a link and that's it--if you decide my writing is just too great and funny and you might laugh yourself to death or something.

So far, I have three subscribers! Of course, they're all me, but I'm hoping for more, non-me people to sign up eventually. Actually, there is currently one other person in the "Signing Up" phase, but I think that might be me, too. I forget. Oh well.

PS: To the many people--well, double-digits, at least!--who are getting RSS updates, how annoying is it to get an update about how to get updates? Well, you could have said that without the profanity, I would think ...

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