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Don't worry--the format of my blog has not changed dramatically overnight: the "T" stands for tattoos. (Although I'd probably get a lot more traffic if I did change the format ...) Don't worry though, the "A" still stands for the same thing. The day before we left for the KL, we found ourselves strolling by something pretty interesting--as we often seem to--on one of Shanghai's biggest shopping streets. Sadly, it wasn't a bikini show--I think I've missed the boat on that one by now--but it was close. Well, it involved dancing anyway. And also short jean shorts--AKA Daisy Dukes--which were, for some strange reason, insanely popular here this summer. (Which reminds me, I wonder what they call them here, since I'm guessing "Daisy Duke" doesn't mean a lot your average Chinese person. I guess I'll never know.)

Anyway, we were walking down the street, and we walked by a stage with a girl dancing (rather badly) on it. I was surprised she wasn't dancing better, because as you can see she has leg warmers, which only serious dancers wear. Well, serious dancers or girls who went into a coma in the late early Eighties and have only just woken up. I guess either one could have applied to her.

Why is she up there dancing, you ask? And why is she doing it on a strange stage with a fake waterfall in the center, a happy old man fishing next to a gigantic teapot on one side, and a cluster of what appear to be pot plants on the other? I have no idea about the latter, thankfully. As for the former, she was dancing around to show off the fake tattoo that had been painted onto her back. What else?

As for why she had the fake tattoos in the first place and why she needed to dance around to show them off, I'm as clueless as you are. Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss ...
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