Me and Chairman Mao
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There are a lot of what I like to call "questionable" stores in China. Like, for example, Crocodile (I think it's actually a Singapore company), where you can buy all sorts of clothes, including Polo-type shirts, with their less-than-famous crocodile logo stiched onto the chest. I know, I know, you're thinking that's just like Izod, but it's not at all. You see, at Crocodile, the crocodile faces the opposite direction of the Lacoste crocodile, so it's completely different. Or at least it is in China.

Le Ning is another good one. It's an athletic shoe and clothing company with a logo that looks like the bastard child of Nike and Pony: a swoop-like checkmark that leans way more toward swoop than check. (Now that I think about it, it's sort of like a Bizarro-land Nike symbol, which would make sense on so many levels.) And you know that Adidas ad campaign that features black-and-white photos with the words "Impossible Is Nothing"? I went by a Le Ning a few months ago and they had a big black-and-white photo of a track star with the phrase "Anything Is Possible." Yeah ... I wonder how they came up with that? Crazy coincidence, huh?

But the store below has to be my favorite--it's like the love child of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Versace (obviously, it was a really crazy night). I think it got Versace's face, don't you?

Anyway, if anyone wants me to pick up a Louies Berry bag, or maybe a smart Louies Berry scarf in their trademark plaid, let me know. I'm pretty sure customs won't care how many I bring back ...
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