Me and Chairman Mao
  Dead sexy.
A while back, while discussing (and by discussing I mean "making fun of," just so we're clear) the cape-wearing women of Shanghai, I mentioned a few of the other questionable fashion choices I see around here, including the "shirt roll," which some men use in what I can only guess is a completely futile attempt to beat the heat. Basically, the shirt roll is just what it sounds like: rather than take off their shirts completely, they just roll up the bottom of the shirt to somewhere around nipple-level and proceed to go about their day.

(Side note: In a way, I guess this is actually better than just wandering around town with no shirt whatsoever, which--despite what all you frat boys might think--is never really cool, something you will probably figure out for yourself around the same time you realize that maybe, just maybe, Mickey's in wide-mouth/hand-grenade form is not the best thing ever invented. Or at least I hope you figure it out ... .)

Anyway, I took my new camera with me during lunch yesterday, and when I stepped outside after eating what should appear? No miniature sleigh, no tiny reindeer, but two sporty shirt-rollers--a complete matching pair! (I read a poem once. Can you tell?)

Here are the sporty shirt-rollers, in all their highly questionable glory:

At this point, I hurried forward in order to get a good shot from the front (while cleverly pretending to be taking a picture of the school across the street), but my perfect picture was foiled by a turning bus. Luckily, I recovered in time to shoot two pictures that, while less than perfect, will at least give you an idea of the splendor of the full-frontal shirt roll. Here's one:

I know, I know. But the second guy is even better. As you can see, this daring chap has cast aside all convention and gone with a uncommonly high, nipple-exposing shirt-rolling technique. I think he pulls it off, don't you?

Sadly, since temperatures will apparently become bearable at some point this month--possibly with lows below seventy, even--shirt-rolling will soon be coming to an end, at least until next year. However, in the meantime there is still the always shocking "pajama stroll," which I will try to get pictures of sometime soon ...
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