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  Happy Victory in "War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression" Day!
Yes, it's V-J day, or at least what we call V-J Day. As you may guess, China calls it something else, either referring to it by the unwieldy subject line above or the shorter, blunter victory in the "Anti-Japan War" day. Personally, I can't decide which I prefer--the first is certainly more fun to say (like calling the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression), while the second just has a definite lack of subtlety that I appreciate. Oh well.

Anyway, as you can imagine, it's extra fun reading the newspaper today, the day--according to one headline--that "China marks victory over War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression," with ceremonies held across China to mark "China's victory." The front page of the paper also has a picture of the Japanese surrendering on the USS Missouri, with a caption that reads:

Pictured here is the ceremony for Japan's surrender to the allied forces held on the "Missouri" warship in Tokyo Bay, on Sept. 2, 1945. After 14 years of heroic struggle and bloody war, the Chinese people, under the banner of the CPC-initiated anti-Japanese national united front and using backward weapons and equipment, defeated the powerful enemy which was stronger than China in terms of economic strength and military equipment, and wrought the miracle of defeating the imperialist power by a weak semi-colonial country.

Ah yes, that was a great day, the day China's mighty army, which was in no way poorly trained, poorly organized, and poorly equipped, and which was definitely not completely incapable of stopping a semi-organized group of chickens from crossing the road, let alone an actual Japanese army unit, finally forced the Empire of the Sun to surrender, then decided to have the ceremony on a US Navy ship just so the fine fighting men back in the States could feel like they had done something to help. (I'm sure that my grandfather, who at the time was hanging out on the vacation paradise that was Okinawa, would be thrilled at the recognition.)

I'd say I remember that fateful day well, but of course since I don't even remember the Vietnam War--although I completely remember the glorious invasion of Grenada--that wouldn't be quite true. Then again, I'm guessing that no one really remembers the Japanese surrender quite that way, so maybe I'm not alone.

Anyway, if you find this stuff as amusing as I do, here's the complete text of another funny story in the paper. It's about the (apparently) very important role the CPC--Communist Party of China--played in winning the Anti-Japan War. You know, because if the CPC didn't suggest that China fight Japan after being invaded, who would have fought them? The US? I don't think ... oh wait, never mind ...

CPC played a pivotal role in resisting Japanese aggression: People's Daily

People's Daily, China's leading newspaper, publishes a commentary on August 15 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Chinese people's victory in the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, highlighting the Communist Party of China (CPC)'s vital role in winning the war.

On Aug. 15, 1945, Japan declared its unconditional surrender, and the Chinese people scored a complete victory for the first time in more than a century in fighting foreign aggressors. The victory marked "a great transition for the Chinese nation from decline to renewal," said the commentary.

"History has proved that a weak China defeated a strong Japan, and the miraculous victory was thanks to the CPC who, representing the will of all Chinese people, led and promoted the great war of resistance against Japanese aggression, fought at the forefront, and played a pivotal role in uniting the whole nation in the war of resistance," the paper said.

The commentary then elaborated in five aspects of the CPC's pivotal role.

On Sept. 18, 1931, Japanese troops started large-scale invasion of Northeast China. At that time it was the CPC that made the first call on the whole nation to join forces to fight the enemy, and organized a guerilla force in the Northeast to fight the Japanese aggressors.

In 1935, the CPC issued the "August 1st Declaration", calling on the whole nation to form a national united front to fight against Japanese aggression, which rallied all patriotic forces in the war of resistance.

The CPC provided a correct strategic guidance to the war of resistance, which ensured the final victory of the war. A number of works by CPC leader Mao Zedong helped Chinese people have a correct understanding of the situation and enhanced their confidence in the final victory.

The CPC set up a large number of base areas for the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, which effectively consumed the enemy's strength and created favorable conditions for the final counter attack on the Japanese troops.

A large number of CPC members played an exemplary role in the war of resistance by selfless sacrifice. They won the support of the people, enhance the confidence of the whole nation, and rallied powerful national strength for winning the final victory.

The newspaper said that both history and reality prove that the CPC is the vanguard of the working class, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. It will surely play a pivotal role in the renewal of the Chinese nation in this new century

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