Me and Chairman Mao
It seems that a lot of people these days are concerned about genetically modified (GM) foods, worried that they will somehow kill off all the other plants in the world, poison everyone, or mutate into gigantic Venus Flytraps that feed on human flesh. Well, maybe not that last one so much--I never really paid that much attention to any of it, to tell the truth.

But whatever the case, I never really figured it would be much of a problem here in the Middle Kingdom. After all, you just don't expect a country that basically grows their produce in sewage to be on the cutting edge of scientific food production. Needless to say I was wrong, something I found out when I went to the grocery store by our apartment the other day and saw row upon row of these boxes:

If you ignore the bad English--Wildness Shrimp? What the hell does that man?--it looks like pretty standard frozen shrimp, right? Wrong! (You saw that coming, right?) If you look a little closer, you'll see that these aren't your standard Wildness shrimp at all ...

And to think, you people back in the West are still worried about GM food! That is so mid late-nineties. Here in China they've already--apparently--busted out nanotech for food production. Granted, I'm not really sure how nanotech is involved in this particular instance, or why they decided shrimp-cleaning was the right place to test this fabulous new technology that the Chinese have apparently put to practical use decades ahead of everyone else in the world--personally, I would have gone the futuristic doomsday weapon route--but who am I to argue with progress? Especially if it involves really clean crustaceans. Now if only somewhere around here sold cocktail sauce ...

We've all tried differnt types of food and determined what we prefer like japanese food or seafood. One thing is for sure is that we all love to eat holiday food!!
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