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Despite many previous posts on the subject of public urination--such as the one about the kids peeing all around our apartment complex, various entries about the joys of split pants--some of you still might think I'm exaggerating about the extent to which it occurs. You might, for example, think that while driving to the Great Wall one day we did not pass up a whole vanload full of guys who had stopped on the side of the expressway to pee. (To make it even better, they weren't shy about it--rather than hide behind the van so they were hidden from the road, they decided to go while facing oncoming traffic. Nice.) Or that, as another example, I didn't frequently catch the cab drivers who were always waiting around outside a subway station I frequented in Beijing (everyone give it up for the Zhichun Lu stop!) washing off their dusty tires the natural way.

To those people--there may not actually be any of you, but it was the best lead-in I could think of--I submit this picture. And, lest you think this was down some remote alleyway, I should let you know that I passed by this kid while walking down Hongqiao Lu, a crowded eight-lane road that runs smack into one of the busiest intersections in the city. He was just outside KFC, although whether or not this is some sort of anti-KFC statement I have no idea.

Now that I have started to take a camera with me everywhere I go, expect more random pictures like this. (It's easier than writing!) Although, you know, with less urination. Hopefully ...

See Picture This 1, 2, and 3 for more.
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