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A while ago, I mentioned that one of my favorite things about buying DVDs here was the random--and not always flattering--quotes they put on the box. We bought some new DVDs the other day, and as I was throwing away the packaging I noticed a good example of this phenomena on the back of the Cinderella Man box:

Really makes you want to watch the movie, doesn't it? It's strange though, because while whoever makes these boxes apparently goes through the effort to track down actual reviews of the movie and pull out a quote--good or bad--they never seem to fix the movie credits on the bottom of the box. The credits for Cinderella Man were actually those for White Noise, and the credits for Corpse Bride--another of our selections--read Brad Pitt Eric Banya "A Nightmare Before Christmas" Million Dollar Orlando Bloom. Yes, that's three different movies in one line of credits--quite the accomplishment, don't you think?

Here's something else strange. The English subtitles for Cinderella Man actually belonged to The Piano, making it the fourth or fifth movie we've bought that used the subtitles from The Piano. Weird, isn't it? Also, despite the apparent popularity of its subtitles, I have never actually seen The Piano for sale anywhere in China. Although that, I think, is more understandable. I mean, really, does anyone want to see Harvey Keitel go the full montey? I didn't think so ...
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