Me and Chairman Mao
  Sign language 7.
I know I posted this picture once before in my Kuala Lumpur phog, but for those of you who either didn't see my post on the KL or couldn't be bothered to get to the end of it--something I don't blame you for, since it was really long--I think it's worth posting again.

What is it? Why, the Fook Hing Coffin Shop, what else? If I've said it once I've said it a thousand time, those are great Fook Hing coffins that they make in there. Really, you can't do better than one of those Fook Hing things. Seriously, you just can't go wrong with a great Fook Hing coffin. It's just not possible.

You'd think at some point saying Fook Hing would get old, but you'd be wrong. I wonder what his friends say? Like if they see him staring off into the distance do they say, "What are you, Fook Hing, looking at?" If they don't, they Fook Hing should ...

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