Me and Chairman Mao
  Merry Christmas!
On this Christmas Day, I thought I would share with you all an image of a young Chinese child experiencing the wonder of Christmas:

Of course, in this case the wonder translates into something like: "I wonder why the hell somebody bothered to make a big pyramid-shaped blob of blank CDs? I know a lot of people around here need jobs, what with there being like 20 million people in the city, but seriously. And what do blank CDs have to do with this "Christmas" thing or, more importantly, the stacks and stacks of presents I'm supposed to be getting since I'm a completely spoiled only child, thanks to that whole one-child thing everyone used to talk about? Or the fat old guy in that tight red suit that probably hasn't fit him for like twenty years. Oh, or that whole virgin birth thing? Wait a second ... what the hell's a virgin, anyway? A kind of daiquiri? Come to think of it, what's a daiquiri? Oh well, nevermind. Crazy freaking foreigners ..."

Anyway ... whatever the case, Merry Christmas!
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