Me and Chairman Mao
  Hmmm, marrow!
Okay, so I am by no means against bone marrow. The way I understand it, marrow is used pretty often in French cooking, and as French food is good, bone marrow must not be too bad. Although having never actually cooked any French food that did not include the word fries, I have no idea. And yes, that means I have never made French toast. Or pancakes, for that matter. Or waffles, or at least not ones thoughtfully pre-formed by the fine folks at Eggo. Yes, you guessed it, I'm a bad cook; luckily, I'm a good eater, so that pretty much makes up for it. Or at least I like to think that it does.

Anyway, all that being said, this picture--which was taken while eating at a favorite local Sichuan restaurant on Friday night--is, as Holly so aptly put it, "just wrong." I think you'll agree:

In case you're wondering, that is exactly what you think it is: a straw coming out of what I'm guessing is one half of a femur, presumably to allow whoever ordered it to more easily drink up the bone marrow.
And while this probably isn't the grossest thing I've ever seen--I know I've seen worse, although at the moment my head is filled with visions of marrow-slurpees and I can't think of anything else--but you have to admit that it's pretty disgusting. I mean, it's a STRAW IN A FREAKING BONE.

And is it just me, or does drinking the liquefied insides of bones seem like the kind of thing that should only be done by fairy tale bad guys, like Sauron or possibly Voldemort? I thought so. Oh, and maybe Dick Cheney too, but no one else ...
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