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As I have mentioned numerous times in the past--most recently here--counterfeiting is a little problem in China. (In the same way, for example, that Australia is a little island off the coast of New Zealand.) Recently however, things have gotten slightly ridiculous on the counterfeiting front. I mean, knock-off purses and polos I can understand, since getting the real deal is expensive, but faux fruit? That just seems a little ridiculous, don't you think?

Yes, fake fruit has hit Shanghai. Well, not fake fruit per se--I mean, it's not like the stores are full of wax apples all of a sudden or anything--more fruit with fake labels. More specifically, falsely labeled oranges. A lot of you have probably heard of Valencia or "summer" oranges, and most of you have probably bought one at some point, whether or not you actually knew what type of orange you were buying. The point is that Valencia oranges are both fairly common and pretty popular, which makes this all the more amusing:

(Side note: This has been going around some of the China blogs lately--I first read about it on Shanghaiist, but last week was the first time I saw one for myself AND had my camera.)

I can just imagine the people making the labels: "Nalencia, valencia--what's the difference?" So close, but yet so far ...

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