Me and Chairman Mao
  World domination. Or something.
So I know at one point I had a plan for world domination through my blog. I forget the specifics (and, really, the generalities as well), but apparently it didn't work out. Although I think it maybe have had something to do with the increasingly famous Fook Hing Coffin Shop. Maybe.

Either way, as usual--or as was usual when I used to post here--none of that really has anything to do with what I'm writing, and now even less than usual with the less than usual posting habits I have. (I think that sentence made sense. I've been wrong before, as I mentioned--in the late mid-90s when I should have gotten the chicken. Or maybe it was the mid late-90s? I forget. Depending on which is right, I may now have been wrong twice.)

Anyway, my point. As usual, I do have one, and as usual, it takes about four paragraphs to get to. My point is this: due to my expertise with various Western food outlets in China--as I've said, you try eating Chinese food for every meal for two years--specifically the restaurant formerly known as Taco Bell Grande but currently known as nothing because it went out of business, likely on account of sucking so badly, I was interviewed for an article on Western food outlets in China.

If you don't believe me, look on my article, ye mighty, and despair!

(Okay, that was a reach. Really, this whole site is like 2 years worth of reach.)

To quote just one part of "my" section of the article:

"They said ‘Gracias' to everyone on the way out, but that was the extent of the Spanish speaking," Barbacovi said. "As far as the atmosphere, it was sort of like food-court Mexican, with the vaguely Latin-looking tiled tables and colors, for example. And of course the big sombreros, which, looked more like piñatas than hats."

Somewhere, there's a book deal in this for me. Isn't there?
please help me bring Taco Bell to china!

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