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  Ang Thong Marine Park: the Video.
After completing the Bataan-Death-March-like hike to the top of the big hill in Ang Thong Marine Park, I did more than take some pictures. Before that, I sat down for a few minutes to catch my breath and drink the rest of my water so I would have the energy to swear about the walk/death march we'd just finished. Then I swore about the walk/death march. Then I took the aforementioned pictures, which you'd think would be aforeseened, but aren't at all, mostly because aforeseened isn't a word. And then, I went the extra mile for you, gentle reader, and took a video of the stuff I'd just taken pictures of. Why? No idea. But since I did and I don't have anything else to do with it, I decided it belongs on this blog, because what else is a blog if not a place to dump stuff no one cares about? (Except, you know, THIS blog, which is totally full of valuable information. And pictures. And video.)

Anyway, for those of you who go to Thailand, then go to Koh Samui, then take the trip out to Ang Thong, then do the sensible thing by hanging out on the beach (or even walking up to the first viewing platform, which is only about 5 minutes up the trail--and before it turns into a boulders and rope affair), I present this video, so you know what you didn't see. For those of you who insist on going all the way to the top, for the love of god, wear shoes and not flip-flops. Trust me: I know of what I speak

Oh, but if you do wear flip-flops, be sure that, when you get to the trail head, you say something to the effect of "I don't need shoes / I walked all over Vietnam in sandals / it's a viewing platform on an island that's a tourist attraction--how hard can it be?" Oh, and don't take more than one bottle of water that's half full. Really, that's the best way to experience the climb.

Anyway, here's the view, which was, I have to admit, pretty nice:

Video: Ang Thong Marine Park

(Side note for the Thai authorities: The guy in the white shirt with his back to the camera is not urinating off of the viewing platform. That's totally not what he's doing.)

(Side note for everyone else: No, I don't know how you'd have enough moisture in your body after getting to the top of that fucking hill to pee either. I guess when you have to go, you really have to go.)

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