Me and Chairman Mao
  Hanoi: the Random.
Naturally, while wandering around the streets of a city far, far away for four days, you run across some pretty strange stuff. And sometimes, if you're quick enough--and, just to be clear, when I say "if you're quick enough" I mean "if I was quick enough"--you can get a picture. Like, for example, a picture of a guy carting a gigantic sign through the street on his bicycle. And sure, it might not be the best picture, but you can still see the bike tires below the sign, which is what counts:

(And you thought I was kidding when I said they put everything on bikes ...)

Are you a smoker? If so, do you currently want a smoke? Are you, as one might say, craving a cigarette? If so, then I have just the brand for you:

In some ways, the rapid expansion of American culture around the globe has its benefits. Like, for example, the fact that English is spoken all over the place. Of course, it also has its dark side ...

No comment necessary:

This might be my new favorite street, edging out "Fang Bang Dong" street in Shanghai. Ah, memories ...

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Hanoi: Water Puppets.
Hanoi: the "Hilton."
Hanoi: the People.
Hanoi: Zoom, Zoom.
Hanoi: the Streets.
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