Me and Chairman Mao
  The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Hello, loyal readers. I know there are still at least twenty or so of you signed up for my RSS feed, which I think makes you loyal. Well, loyal or too lazy to delete it, but I prefer to go with the former explanation. Glass half-full and all that. Whatever.

But moving on to the subject at hand: namely, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good is that I have, for the most part, finished sorting through the thousands of pictures I took during my recent jaunt through Southeast Asia, and I have a bunch of them to put up in a series of phogs (once again, photo blogs--learn it, people) for you to enjoy, or at least to pretend to; the bad is that almost as soon as I had finished sorting said pictures, the motherboard on my computer died (thank you, Dell--aren't those supposed to last longer than, say, three years?), so I can't actually get to the pictures at the present time, which will obviously make posting them very difficult; and the ugly is ... well, I don't know. Certainly not me, that's for sure! I mean, you've all seen my picture, right?

Anyway, I guess that's about it. Unless, you know, any of you want to give me a really high-paying job, which I'm currently looking for. (Thanks in advance!) When next I post, expect pictures, although it could be a while, what with my computer not turning on at all. Did I say thank you to Dell yet? Oh, I did. Well, I guess I just did it again, which is okay, because they obviously deserve quite a bit of praise. I mean, their computer did last almost three whole years, which isn't bad. Oh wait, yes it is. Never mind ...
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