Me and Chairman Mao
  Moving day! (Almost.)
It turns out, Blogger is no longer supporting the way I publish--or at least use to publish--this site. (That is, via FTP to a custom domain, for those of you who care.)

It took me a while to remember why I did it that way, until I remembered that it had to do with the Great Firewall: once you were in China, almost all the big blogging sites were blocked: typepad, blogspot, etc. But the funny thing was that, while all blogs were blocked (the free ones you get if you use Blogger), itself wasn't. So I could go to Blogger to update/create a blog, but if I hosted it on Blogger (at I wouldn't be able to actually see it. But I could publish it to my own domain name--hence the "" site, which I already had sitting around. I guess the thinking was that, with (at the time) a lack of credit cards, etc, it would be hard for your average Chinese person to get a .com-based URL to publish on so there was no point in blogging itself, but who knows.

But whatever. The point of this post is just to let you know that I have to move this domain by May 1 or lose the ability to publish to it forever. Which I may never do (I'm not exactly lighting it up right now, am I?) but I'd like to at least have the option. So, long story not that short (based on the previous text), I'm moving the site. Possibly today. Blogger has released some migration tools so there's a chance it might go smoothly, but if the site disappears for a while--which would, come to think of it, make this entire post pointless--now you know why.

Good luck to me!
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