Me and Chairman Mao
  Wrong thinking.
So I used to have this hypothesis--used to, mind you--that pretty much any food could be made better by deep-frying it. (As a corollary, I also still believe that any food covered in cheese is probably better than that same food sans cheese.) Anyway, my deep-fried theory has held up for thirty-odd years--until last night, that is.

We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and Holly tried to order cooked spinach, which actually tastes much better than it sounds, in case you were wondering. (Those of you who have chosen not to visit us will just have to trust me on this one.) The waitress told us that they were out, so after some confusion we decided to order a different vegetable: corn. Which, granted, I knew would be tricky to eat with chopsticks--we are talking about a big pile of corn, after all--but it sounded good.

Can you see where this is going yet?

As you probably--as I hope--you guessed, when the corn showed up it was, in fact, deep fried. Yes, a whole plate of deep fried corn, like someone had ripped open a frozen Bird's Eye box and dropped it in the fryer, which is actually probably not too far off from what really happened. Anyway, it's hard to describe the taste, but in general I would just use two words: "not" and "good." (And in that order, because otherwise it doesn't really make sense, does it?) Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, sort of like a Tootsie Pop in that way, but without all the sugar and good taste. Corn and deep-frying: two great tastes that taste great together? I think not. Anyway, the next time you go out to Chinese food, be sure to keep away from the fried corn. I cannot emphasize this enough: avoid the fried corn!

In any case, the Chinese restaurant we go to for dinner tonight better have some spinach, or we are leaving.
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