Me and Chairman Mao
  The good life.
Last night we went to a fancy bar--AKA a bar with US prices--and met two Microsoft recruiters for drinks before they went to the Marine Ball. (There's something I never thought I'd write.) The bar, Centro, was pretty plush, with everything done in dark brown and blood red; couches and big overstuffed chairs instead of stools or plain old wooden chairs (so last year); low-key trance music and very dim lights to set the mood; and red wine served in bulbous, pointlessly oversized Eurotrash goblets. As I sat there, sprawled out across the couch, watching the jazz band set up and drinking my beer, I thought to myself "This is not so bad." See for yourself! The picture is a little dark, but like I said: mood lighting. What can you do?

Jason at Centro

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